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Value my house in Chester

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What’s The Value Of My House!

If you are looking to get a value on your house then it makes sense to instruct an Estate Agent. With our ever change world property valuations have become more and more confusing. You will find many different options to get your property valued. Some of the options can be totally inaccurate and a complete waste of time.

Let’s Not Waste Your Precious Time

Here at The Big Estate Agency our aim is to provide you with an accurate property valuation. So when you ask “Can you value my house” the simple answer is “Yes” That’s what we do. We’re not in the habit of tricking you in to providing your contact details then sending you loads of spam.

Can I Value My Own Property

Many sellers already have an idea of what they think their house is worth. This could be based on a number of assumptions which may not always be correct. ” Next door is on the market for £225,000 but we’ve got a conservatory and just had the drive done. Ours has got to be worth £245,000 based on that!” May be but what if next door has been over valued by and agent just to win the instruction. This happens a lot, trust me. So by getting an honest experts opinion you will have a far more accurate valuation.

Are Online Valuations Correct

Some people base their house value on an online valuation which takes a matter of seconds. Simply enter your postcode, number of bedrooms and email address and as if by magic your valuation appears. I’ve spent a lot of time checking if these online valuations are accurate on numerous properties. Guess what, I found over 80% were totally in accurate and misleading. As an example my own family home was valued £55,000 more than it’s true value on average.

What’s The Best Valuation Method

All you have to do is simply book here and we will start the valuation process. If at any point you are not happy with our service we will cancel the process and no fee will be charged Guaranteed.