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Selling your house next year! Watch out for the loft monster

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So you’re thinking of selling your house in 2018

At this time of year we all tend to venture up in to the loft to get the Christmas decorations down. It can take ages sifting through all the different boxes trying to find everything to get the house looking something like Christmas.

The loft monster is that beast you’ve been feeding over the years with all your old stuff that just grows and grows. It’s only when you decide to move house the monster rears its ugly head. So how do you tame the beast! Well before you dump all the Christmas decorations back up there early January why not plan a clear out and tidy up. Trust me if you leave it until your removal men turn up you’re going to get in a mess.

My advice to you is to pick up some boxes and start packing all the things you have to keep. We all keep things that never get used again but just can’t part with them. Well when you’re moving house you have to get tuff or you end up transferring all your junk in to your new loft.

There are many storage companies all over the country and the cost of storage has never been cheaper. You can even hire a container on a secure site on a week by week basis. I actually deal with a storage company near Mold, Hunters Storage who offer some great rates as little as £15 a week.

So before you pack away your Christmas decorations in January ask yourself should I make a start on clearing the loft out ready to move. You’ll be glad you did when your moving date is on you.


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