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Accompanied Viewings
Accompanied Viewings

Property Valuation

All of our photography is carried out by trained professionals to ensure we capture you property in the best possible light. It’s a fact that you are 70% more likely to get an enquiry if the photos are good.

Floor Plans

We provide 3D floorplans on all of our property as standard. The plans allow buyer to  see the layout of the house before viewing. If the layout is right for them it usually save time wasters in your home.

Accompanied Viewings

We highly recommend you opt for accompanied viewings. This allows our experts to present your property in a professional manner. We do this all the time so know what works best.

Accurate Property Valuation

So you’re looking for a property valuation, well you’ve come to the right place. Our aim is to provide you with an accurate property valuation so you can plan for your sale. 

A Comprehensive Valuation and Information Pack

Your property valuation will include stacks of useful information to help you plan for your property sale or home move. We have your best interests in mind and want to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

What Can I Expect With My Valuation

We will provide a comprehensive Rightmove report. As Rightmove are the UK’s number 1 property portal

it makes perfect sense to utilise their detailed information and vast database. We also look at local statistics, employment, crime, amenities, school etc. If your property has had an EPC in the last 5 years the information will be available to us and that will also plan a part in the valuation.

The Big Estate Agency Now Offer Aerial Video Free

Along with our new Shotton Branch Estate Agent Office we now offer free aerial video of your property. Give us a call on 01244 560720 and we’ll explain all the value added option we offer to sell your property.