Property Investment

Property Investment

Thinking About Property Investment

If you are thinking of property investment there are still opportunities out there. Here at The Big Estate Agency we have a vast knowledge of property investment that we can share with you. Many first time investors dip their toe in and try Buy to Let (BTL) With current changes in TAX law is is becoming harder for smaller investors to actually made a return on investment (ROI)

What’s The Best Property Investment?

Having dealt with property investment for many years we have adapted to suite the market demand. The Big Estate Agency are happy to share our knowledge with new or existing property investors. You can arrange a free face to face consultation with one of our investment experts . The other option is to book in a free call at a suitable time for you, simply click the link directly below.

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What’s a HMO Property

HMO is House in Multiple Occupancy. We have seen a significant demand in this type of accommodation over the last few years. Market predictions are suggesting that the demand will continue to rise for quite some time.

The Pro’s and Con’s of HMO

HMO property typically generates far better ROI, in some cases we have achieved return of of 25%. With such good returns there can be an element of risk especially when in the hands of a novice. We have the knowledge of managing thousands of HMO rooms over the years so know how to deal with situations that may arise.

What Makes a Good HMO

The first things to consider are the local area and demand for accommodation. Some areas may have a high demand from students, others for factory workers. There are many others to consider and I would recommend doing a in-depth study before deciding. The Big Estate Agency can provide you with the tools and techniques to carry out your study. This will will also help should you need to raise an capital to purchase of refurbish.

Property Investment