Best Estate Agent Shotton

Best Estate Agent Shotton

Best Estate Agent Shotton
Shotton Office

Best Estate Agent Shotton

So what does it take to become the best Estate Agent Shotton. Well we can all make claims as to why we think we are the best Estate Agent in Shotton. Here at The Big Estate Agency because we want to be the best we all sat around the table and had a bit of a brainstorming session. Now we all like to think we have all the answers but the reality is your customers determine who is the best estate agent Shotton. We set out to ensure all of your needs are catered for because you are important to us.

Here is a list of what we consider to be important features to actually claim the title of Best Estate Agent in Shotton.

High Street Presence

Well with our new office situated in a prominent position and parking outside we’ve ticked that box. You may find other Estate Agents claiming to be local but may have their office many miles away. The agent may also have very little knowledge of the area.

Prominent Online Presence

To be the Best Estate Agent Shotton another important factor would be strong web presence. The Big Estate Agency not only have a new used friendly website which is fully mobile compatible. We also list all our properties on Rightmove,Zoopla and On The Market

High Quality Property Particulars

It’s all well and good having a nice office and website but if the property particulars aren’t up to scratch you won’t get the enquiries. Here at The Big Estate Agency we pride ourselves in providing the very best property particulars. Our property experts use professional equipment to capture the best possible images of your property. On top of that we produce 2D and 3D floor-plans as standard, many agents will charge in excess of £75 for this service.

Best Estate Agent Shotton
3D floor plans

Best Estate Agent Shotton

Regular Communication With Customers

One of the biggest complaints about Estate Agents is poor communication. For us to become the best Estate Agent Shotton we understand the importance of communicating with out customers. From start to finish we guarantee regular contact and feedback. We will guide you through the whole process ensuring you have the best possible chance of selling your property. We feel it is your Estate Agents duty to do nothing less.

The Best Estate Agent Shotton
Living Room

Sales Progression Updates

Sales progression is an area where many Estate Agents fail. The Big Estate Agency will ensure you receive a regular progress report so you can plan your move. We also have a good understanding of when sales can fall over and will be able to advise you in advance.

Are We The Best Estate Agent Shotton

For The Big Estate Agency to claim the title of The Best Estate Agent Shotton we need our customers to be totally satisfied with our service. We will strive for perfection to ensure our customers are truly satisfied.



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