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Best Estate Agent in Shotton Flintshire

Who are the Best Estate Agents in Shotton
Best Estate Agents in Shotton

Best Estate Agents in Shotton Flintshire

Best Estate Agents in Shotton is the next award The Big Estate Agency are being nominated for. Having recently been awarded Best Residential Property Management Company with SME News , North West Enterprise Awards 2017.

What Make An Estate Agents Worthy Of The Title Best Estate Agents Shotton?

I can’t think of any local agent not wanting to gain the the title of Best Estate Agents Shotton 

There are a number of consideration when our nomination is reviewed for submission and we feel we have the satisfied the all areas to be successful.

Conditions for Agent Voting

  1. For the Best Estate Agent category all sellers & buyers who have completed on a sale during 2017 can vote (one vote per transaction).
  2. For the Best Letting Agent (rated by landlords) all landlords who the agent worked for in 2017 can vote (one survey per property portfolio).
  3. For the Best Letting Agent (rated by tenants) all tenants who have rented for a minimum 2 month period in 2017 can vote.
  4. New property developers should complete only ONE seller survey rating the agent’s service across all the properties sold in 2017.
  5. Sellers and buyers of properties sold at auction may complete a survey.
  6. Surveys are CONFIDENTIAL and therefore must be completed by the client NOT by the agent on their behalf.
  7. Clients must not be influenced by the agent while completing their survey.
  8. Surveys may NOT be completed over the phone by agents on behalf of clients.
  9. Agent devices (computers, tablets or phones) CANNOT be used to submit a survey by a client.
  10. Members of staff AND ex staff of an agency may not complete a survey as sellers, buyers, landlords or a tenant of their own agency or another branch of that agency.
  11. Immediate relatives of agency staff (spouse, partner, parents or children) are not allowed to complete a survey of behalf of the agency that the relative works for.
  12. New members of staff (who have accepted a position at the agency but not yet started) who are a client of the agency may NOT complete a survey.
  13. Surveys completed without valid contact details will be deleted.
  14. Agents may offer their own incentive to clients to complete the survey.
  15. HOWEVER the incentive cannot be related to the score to be given by the client.
  16. If we are informed by clients that an agent is offering an incentive for ‘excellent’ ratings that agent will be disqualified.
  17. Surveys must be completed and received by 12 noon on 31st January 2018.


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