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Is your estate agent struggling to sell your property?

Frustrating isn’t it?

Ever wondered why?

Ask yourself the following questions….

Does your estate agent contact you regularly to discuss the sale of your property?

Even when there are no enquiries about your property, your estate agent should call you every couple of weeks to discuss some ideas about the next steps. Your estate agent should always have your property in mind so that they can recommend it to potential buyers.

Do your agent’s photographs do your property justice?

First impressions last. The first time a potential buyer views your property is when they flick through the photographs on Right Move. It is vital that the photographs are bright and clear, and that they present your property as a spacious home where people can imagine themselves living.

Does your agent’s advertisement include 3D floorplans?

Many potential buyers will want to make modifications to a property, such as creating rooms or removing walls to create open spaces. They immediately look for the floorplans. If there are no floorplans, their interest is lost and so is your sale.

Does your agent use social media and video tours to sell your property?

People spend far more time watching TV than reading books or looking at photographs. So why is your agent only using text and still photography to advertise your property? A video tour allows potential buyers to get a feel for the flow of your property. Effective use of social media can ensure that thousands of potential buyers have benefitted from a video tour of your property.

Does a trained expert from the agency carry out your viewings? Even during evenings and weekends?

A viewing is a great opportunity for your estate agent to meet a potential buyer face-to-face. Many agents do not conduct viewings and others only operate during office hours. Unfortunately, many people also work during office hours, and hence they will require viewings during evenings and weekends. If you are conducting the viewings yourself, then essentially you are selling your own home. So why are you paying an estate agent?

Time for a change?

All of this is possible if you contact Mike at The Big Estate Agency…

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